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Online Counseling   -   Life Coaching
Online counseling, telehealth, teletherapy, or video therapy refer to the same process and have been found recently to be an effective means of conducting psychotherapy. 

There are a number of applications that allow for video counseling and teletherapy sessions to take place via desktop or laptop computer, iPad, or smart phone. Online Counseling has demonstrated to be an innovative and accessible way for therapists to help people.

Benefits of Online Counseling
  - Convenient:  no more struggling to get to a therapist's office. No travel time means there's fewer problems scheduling an appointment into your day. For people who have issues with transportation, online therapy can be a practical alternative, granting access via telehealth to services normally not available or accessible.

  - Effective:   studies have found that online counseling is just as effective as in-person counseling for certain conditions, such as such as agoraphobia, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, depression, or incapacitating physical or health problems that find it extremely difficult to get to the therapist’s office.

  - Private:  there's no chance of running into anyone in the waiting room when you're meeting your therapist online.
It saves you money: with no need to go to a therapist's office, you save on travel expenses, childcare, and time.

For more information about Online Therapy, visit the American Psychological Association:

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