Grief and Loss Counseling
Life is not never-ending, and therefore loss is inevitable. From loss of a loved one, to loss associated with changes in life circumstances, grief will surely hit every one of us.

Family and friends provide the emotional nourishment, safety and security from our early connections to our new relationships, so the loss can create a huge emptiness.

Loss can be experienced differently, and so is our process of grieving.

Grief can emerge as sadness, anger, fear, confusion, mental drainage, loneliness, and feelings of emptiness and abandonment.   The loss may be so painful that it feels like your heart has been ripped to pieces. 

The process of grieving can be short-lived for some, while prolonged and difficult for others. Grief Counseling can help you share the weight of pain and hurt, which often feels unbearable, but necessary to adjust and let go.

I can accompany you through your grief process, from accepting and understanding the loss, to wrapping the memories in a special place so you can go on with your life, and yet go back to them whenever you wish to.


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