Relationship, Couple and Family Counseling
At some point in the relationship, most couples encounter issues that shake their feelings for each other. Most common issues include communication problems, loss of intimacy, unfaithfulness, stress, challenging decisions to name a few.

Couple´s Counseling can help you explore these issues, develop the skills to solve them and revitalize the relationship. Couple´s Counseling can also be a great tool to work on your relationship, develop increased awareness and reach greater fulfillment, which will make you much more resilient to future changes.

My practice is based on The Gottman Method. The Gottman Method has been developed for the past 40 years through extensive research and practice, and has been demonstrated to help couples learn the components of healthy relationships and the skills necessary to maintain long-lasting trust and love.

This research-based approach recognized that the key to a lasting relationship is becoming better friends, learning to manage conflicts effectively and respectfully, and developing rituals and intimacy to support each other’s goals, dreams and for the future.

Couples learn new skills to communicate, cope and connect while moving away from what has been proven to erode relationships. For more information on their research outcomes and additional literature please refer to

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