Addiction Counseling and Recovery
If anything can destroy a person´s life and family, is addiction!

Anyone may develop addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, sex and pornography, gambling, relationships, food, shopping, video games, the internet and social media.

Yet, too many times people do not recognize the problem until catastrophic consequences take place and/or family intervenes.

Addictions change a person’s brain in multiple ways, eroding the capacity to regain control.   Jobs and loved ones are lost, life goals are neglected, and relationships are sabotaged or shattered.

During more than 10 years working in Detox and Rehab Programs -while understanding my own addictive personality - I have witnessed incredible stories of achievement and success.

Entering the most appropriate treatment can be a live saver. A Comprehensive Assessment can resolve many doubts about motivation, mental health issues, stage in the addiction process and best treatment option.


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